Joseph Q. Tarbuck

Joseph Q. Tarbuck was promoted to Glory on February 7, 2018 at Gulf Breeze, Florida.  He was a Circuit Judge for many years. He was born on September 13, 1931.

Joe joined the Army right after graduating from High School in Harrisburg PA and was assigned to Hq Btry, 63rd FAB of the 24thInfantry Division on the Island of Kyushu, Japan.

Joe went with his unit to Korea when the North invaded the South and was among the first Americans to be committed to battle in that war.  His unit was overwhelmed and he, along with others, was captured on 7 July, 1950 and held until August 30th 1953.  He was with the Tiger Survivors and participated in the Tiger Death March.  58 % of that group perish in captivity from prolonged exposure, being shot, freezing to death and other causes.

Gone from us now and to be really missed, is our dear Joe, beloved by all.

Shorty Estabrook

Fellow POW

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