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Missing POWs | Korean War Ex-POW Association

Missing POWs

On September 9, 1953 the United Nations released listings of 3404 POWs that they determined were still missing.

Here is the breakdown by nationality:
2,410 South Koreans
944 Americans
19 British
5 Turks
3 Belgians
1 Greek
9 Australians
8 South Africans
2 Colombians
3 Canadians

Between September 13 and September 16, 1953, the following lists Americans were released. All are Army unless otherwise noted. If a listing has a “returned” date, you can click on that name and it will take you to the entry with details about their recovery.


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Aaron George AF Capt Bronx New York
Abbott Charles L Pfc Two Harbors Minnesota
Abele Francis H Sfc Meriden Connecticut
Acock Preston E Cpl Pierce City Missouri
Adamo Joseph J Cpl Long Island New York
Adams Charles W Cpl Blandon Pennsylvania
Adams Clarence C Cpl Memphis Tennessee
Adams Harry L Cpl Goodland Kansas
Adams Howard G Sgt Corsicana Texas
Adams John H AF 1st Lt San Diego California
Adler Ernest M AF 1st Lt West Roxbury Massachusetts
Adler Junior M AF 1st Lt Seattle Washington
Agnew Henry P Pvt Newbern Alabama
Ahlers John P AF Capt Centralia Illinois
Akers Bobby E Cpl Princeton West Virginia
Aki Clarence H Sgt San Diego California
Akin Roland M AF 1st Lt Shawnee Oklahoma
Akins Larry B AF S/Sgt Germantown Tennessee
Albers Winston L Sfc San Lorenzo California
Albrecht John A Cpl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Albright Richard L AF S/Sgt Clovis New Mexico
Alcorn Phillip F Pfc Port Huron Michigan
Allen Herbert L PFC Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Allen Jack V AF Capt Santa Ana California
Amano Yutaka Sfc San Diego California
Ambeau Donald F Pfc Escanaba Michigan
Anderson Billy W Sfc Phoenix Arizona
Anderson Ellsworth L Cpl Chicago Illinois
Anderson Omer L Sgt Floydada Texas
Anderson Robert E AF 1st Lt Cabot Arkansas
Andrews Robert B AF Capt Ithaca New York
Anzaluda Baldomero Sgt Raymondville Texas
Apodaca Abie L Cpl Albuquerque New Mexico 11/13/2014
Archer John D Pfc Miles City Montana
Arendt Stanley P Cpl Palatine Illinois 4/7/2010
Argetis James AF 1st Lt Denver Colorado
Arms John W AF 2d Lt Portsmouth Ohio
Arnold, Jr. John K AF Col Silver Spring Maryland
Arredondo Isidore C Cpl San Antonio Texas
Ashley Vernon R 1st Lt Mendenhall Mississippi
Ashley, Jr. Gilbert L AF Capt Rock Hall Maryland
Austin Arthur M AF Maj Riverside California
Avery Charles T AF M/Sgt Hemet California


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Babcock George H Sgt Coshocton Ohio
Bach Richard B Sgt Olympia Washington
Bacon Raymond R AF Cpl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Bailey Charles V Sgt Holly Michigan
Bailey James A Cpl Newport Kentucky
Baker Billy W USMC Pfc Carrollton Georgia
Baker Thomas C AF S/Sgt Lacrosse Wisconsin
Baker, Jr. Baxter L Capt Columbia South Carolina
Balbi Joseph A Cpl Brooklyn New York
Ballantyne James L Cpl Austin Minnesota
Barker Ronald R Sgt Big Stone Gap Virginia
Barnes David P 1st Lt Falls Church Virginia
Barra Michael J Sgt Ithaca New York 11/10/2014
Barrington Edgar F AF S/Sgt Live Oak Florida
Bastie, Jr. William R Pfc Dorchester Massachusetts
Batchelor Claude J Cpl Kermit Texas
Baumer Robert B AF 1st Lt Rochester New York
Baumer William H AF Maj Lewisburg Pennsylvania
Beardall Harold M AF Capt Orlando Florida
Beaver, Jr. Clarence C Sfc Ventura California
Beck Jay E Cpl Bradford Pennsylvania
Bedell Norman C Pfc East Ann Arbor Michigan
Belhomme Albert C Sgt Ashland Pennsylvania
Bell Donald E AF 1st Lt El Cerrito California
Bell James L AF A/1C The Dalles Oregon
Bell Otho G Cpl Olympia Washington
Bell William J AF 1st Lt Washington DC
Bell James M Sgt Detroit Michigan
Bellar Bennie E Sgt Dickson Tennessee
Beller James E Pfc Fort Smith Arkansas
Benjamin, Jr. Harry M AF A/2C Worthington Minnesota
Benner Warren W Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bennett, Jr. Chauncey A AF Capt Gainesville Florida
Benson, Jr. Maurice Cpl Darlington Wisconsin
Berardi Thomas H Cpl North Bellingham Massachusetts
Bergmann Louis H AF S/Sgt St. Paul Minnesota
Bernard Elton J Sgt Bunkie Louisiana
Besemer Robert L Sgt South Haven Michigan
Bevans Robert W AF S/Sgt San Francisco California
Bevels Charles M Sgt Houston Mississippi
Biesterveld Thomas C Navy Ensign Eau Claire Wisconsin
Biggs Elmer T AF 1st Lt Decatur Georgia
Bigham Donald G AF Capt San Francisco California
Billigmeier Milton P Sgt Medina North Dakota
Bjork William W M/Sgt Bigfork Montana
Black Vance E AF Lt Col Marysville California
Black Wayne F AF Capt Laredo Texas
Blake Ted Cpl Oakland California
Bloesch Fred E AF Capt San Diego California
Bobovnyk James E Cpl Youngstown Ohio
Bolt Donald D AF Capt Joppa Maryland
Bond, Jr. Elihue Cpl Sharon West Virginia
Bookamire Gerald R USMC Pfc Houtzdale Pennsylvania
Bordeau Alfred C Pfc Bay City Michigan
Botter William J AF T/Sgt Melvern Kansas
Boyd Harold R Sgt Ashland Kentucky
Bradford Leonard G Sfc Bell Gardens California
Bradford Ulysses H Capt New Orleans Louisiana
Bradford, Jr. Edward F Pfc Springfield Massachusetts
Braswell Billie L Cpl Augusta Georgia
Bratton Louis W M/Sgt Danville Illinois
Braun Sylvester A Cpl Melrose Minnesota
Brendle Dillman L AF S/Sgt Tampa Florida
Brennan John C AF 3/C Groveton New Hampshire
Brock James B Sgt Phoenix Arizona
Brogna Robert L Cpl Everett Massachusetts
Brooks Lloyd K Cpl Morris Alabama
Broome Otis L Pfc Ruleville Mississippi
Brown Alfred R Sgt Lancaster Texas
Brown Bill E Pfc Atlanta Georgia
Brown Frank M Maj Chicago Illinois
Brown Garland S M/Sgt Lynchburg Virginia
Brown Howard W AF T/Sgt St. Paul Minnesota
Brown Joseph C Sgt Columbus Ohio
Brown Nelson M AF M/Sgt Vacaville California
Brown Wallace L AF 1st Lt Banks Alabama
Brown William E Navy Ensign Hazelton Pennsylvania
Brown James C Cpl Hannibal Missouri
Browning Philip W AF Capt Port Huron Michigan
Bryom Delbert A Sgt Kansas City Kansas
Buck John W AF 1st Lt Armathwaite Tennessee
Buckley Dennis D Cpl Erie Pennsylvania
Buckner John L AF Capt Bronx New York
Buckner John L AF Capt Ellsworth Maine
Bull Clifford G Cpl Cimarron New Mexico
Bullock Elmer T AF 1st Lt Penacock New Hampshire
Bunting Worth L Sgt Graham North Carolina
Burell Jackson A AF Capt Tate Georgia
Burger Lawrence E AF Capt Grand Island Nebraska
Burgess Damon Sfc Stigler Ohio
Burke Francis Cpl Chicago Illinois
Burns Francis E Sgt Santa Monica California
Burton Woodrow AF Capt Quincy Illinois
Bushroe Sterling J AF 1st Lt Erie Michigan
Buskirk George E Pfc Hoyt Kansas
Buster Johnnie J Cpl San Bernardino California
Buttrey William V Cpl Chula Vista California
Buxman Roger F 1st Lt Quincy Illinois
Byers Charles E Pfc Fort Plain New York
Byrom Delbert A Sgt Kansas City Kansas


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Caldwell Richard B AF S/Sgt Boscobel Wisconsin
Calhoon Cecil O Sgt Mount Vernon Illinois
Callahan William F Cpl Yonkers New York
Callis Henry O Cpl Memphis Tennessee
Cameron Lyle W AF 1st Lt Lincoln Nebraska
Cammarano Thomas A Pfc Brooklyn New York
Campbell Charles C Sgt Howard Ohio
Campbell Reynold G AF A/2C Clifton New Jersey
Canning William A AF T/Sgt Miami Oklahoma
Caperton Herbert M/Sgt Pensacola Florida
Carlisle Osborne T AF Capt Austin Texas
Carlson Robert L AF S/Sgt Peru Illinois
Carmody Francis AF Capt Dallas Texas
Carrouth Ralph N Cpl Kannapolis North Carolina
Carter Andrew Sgt Baltimore Maryland
Carter James E Cpl Flomaton Alabama
Carter James R Cpl Blue Jay West Virginia
Carter Willie E Pfc Paterson New Jersey
Cassidy Boyd W Cpl Renovo Pennsylvania
Catlin David L Cpl Lockney Texas 5/12/2012
Cave James A AF A/1C Delaware City Delaware
Chaney James G Pfc Baton Rouge Louisiana
Chapman Dewey L AF Maj Everett Washington
Chavez Daniel Sgt Compton California
Cheff Louis Pfc Niagara Falls New York
Cherry Clarence AF S/Sgt Bell Gardens California
Chesnowsky Frank J AF M/Sgt Pittston Pennsylvania
Chidester Arthur A USMC Lt Col Vista California
Chipman Herbert W M/Sgt Whitefish Montana
Christensen Jerry C M/Sgt Balaton Minnesota
Christopulos Clayton Pfc Canon City Colorado
Clark, Jr. O C Pfc Andalusia Alabama
Clatterbuck Roland W Sfc Barboursville Virginia
Cochran Billy Edwards Navy Lt. (JG) McKeesport Pennsylvania
Cogswell Robert W AF Maj Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Cole, Jr. Merle L Pfc Liberal Kansas
Coleman John J AF Capt Cleveland Ohio
Colford Wilbur B Pfc Fairfield Maine
Collins James L AF 1st Lt Atlanta Georgia
Collins James L AF 1st Lt Daytona Beach Florida
Collins John S AF 1st Lt Louisville Kentucky
Collins Joseph S Capt Miami Florida
Colon-Perez Jose S Pfc Coamo Puerto Rico
Conner Connie M Cpl Compton California
Conners, Jr. Archibald H AF 1st Lt Glendale California
Connick Karl F Cpl Inglewood California
Cooper, Jr. Spencer R AF A/1C Syracuse New York
Corden Richard G Sfc East Providence Rhode Island
Cornell Roy G Pfc Toledo Ohio
Coskey John H Cpl Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Coulter John R AF 1st Lt Lemont Furnace Pennsylvania
Cowart William A Cpl Monticello Arkansas
Cox Joseph D Capt Tampa Florida
Cozad Kenneth L Sgt Butlerville Indiana
Crabb Dean R Cpl South Bend Indiana
Craig Paul E Cpl Arcadia South Carolina
Crane Alvin E AF 1st Lt San Francisco California
Crawford Garland D Capt Fort Worth Texas
Crenshaw Jeff Cpl McLain Mississippi
Crevelling Myron G Sfc Dunn North Carolina
Crews Irvin T Sfc Altavista Virginia
Criswell Reed A Cpl Fredericksburg Indiana
Crocker, Jr. Charles W AF S/Sgt Corvallis Oregon
Croft George J AF 1st Lt Kansas City Missouri
Crutchfield James F AF Lt Col Tacoma Washington
Cruz-Ramos Jesus Cpl Bo Tejas, Yabucoa Puerto Rico
Culbertson Gene A AF Capt Meridian Mississippi
Cunningham John F Cpl Brooklyn New York


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Dahms Donald E Cpl Landing New Jersey
Danowski Alex M/Sgt Ashley Pennsylvania
Dansberry Earl L Sfc La Crosse Wisconsin
Darden, Jr. Roy USMC Sgt Nashville Tennessee
Davies Howard J AF 1st Lt Lubbock Texas
Davies, Jr. Esau E Sgt Marion Illinois
Davis Norman G AF S/Sgt Hymera Indiana
Davis Ramon R AF Capt Austin Texas
Davis Sam H Cpl Houston Texas
Davis Ezekiel A Pfc Marion Indiana
Dawson Perry A AF Capt Carolina Beach North Carolina
Day Morris N Cpl Logan Ohio
Day, Jr. Dave H Pfc Baltimore Maryland
De Rosier Albert P AF Capt Los Angeles California
De Sau Lawrence K Pfc Williamsport Pennsylvania
Decosta Salvatore M/Sgt Newark New Jersey
Degolyer David E AF Sgt Lakeland Florida
Delong Denton K Cpl Elmwood Wisconsin
Demoll Casimir T Sfc New Orleans Louisiana
Denchfield Raymond C Capt Denver Colorado
Denn Willard M AF A/1C Mapkota Minnesota
Dentz James L Cpl Brilliant Ohio
Desautels Richard Sgt Shoreham Vermont
Deur Victor L AF Capt St. John Kansas
Dibble Donald E Sgt New Britain Connecticut
Dick Myron G Sfc Nashua New Hampshire
Dick, Jr. William L Pfc Jasper Indiana
Dickenson Edward S Cpl Big Stone Gap Virginia
Dickerson Clarence D Cpl Reidsville North Carolina
Diekmann Lester H Sgt Readlyn Iowa
Differ Patrick M AF M/Sgt Amarillo Texas
Differ Patrick M AF M/Sgt Baltimore Maryland
Dill Paul N 1st Lt Wilmington Delaware
Dingle Harry W AF 1st Lt Long Beach California
Dixon, Jr. Roosevelt Sfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Donnelly William F Sgt Little Rock Arkansas
Doolittle Norrie C Sfc Natchitoches Louisiana
Dorsey Joyce M AF T/Sgt Minneola Kansas
Dougherty Joseph S AF S/Sgt Zanesville Ohio
Douglas Rufus E Sgt San Angelo Texas
Dove Leroy J Cpl Coldwater Michigan
Downes, Jr. Harold W AF 1st Lt Reading Massachusetts
Dubose Clyatt R Cpl Tampa Florida
Duderstadt, Jr. Ernest W AF Capt Van Nuys California
Dudley Charles B Cpl Red Bank New Jersey
Duhaime Herman A Cpl Taftville Connecticut
Dulyea Harold B Pfc Twin Lake Michigan
Dumas Roger A Cpl Voluntown Connecticut
Duncan Donald M USMC T/Sgt Pueblo Colorado
Duncan James H AF S/Sgt Miami Florida
Dunlap Alva F Cpl McCorkle West Virginia
Dunn John R Cpl Baltimore Maryland
Dutton Billie J Pfc Walla Walla Washington


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Eagan James K USMC Maj Oceanside California
Earl James E Sfc Wortham Texas
Edens Malcolm B AF Capt Miami Florida
Edge Edward C Cpl Toms River New Jersey
Efland Donald C Cpl Albany New York
Eichelberger George B AF 1st Lt Norfolk Virginia
Elias Daniel A Pfc Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Elsman, Jr. Ralph AF S/Sgt Campbell California
Enbach John H AF Capt Tempe Arizona
Erickson Lee E AF S/Sgt Oregon City Oregon
Escott Francis W AF 1st Lt Montpelier Vermont
Estes Edward E Cpl Cane Hill Arkansas
Evans Edward R Sgt Louisville Kentucky
Evans Emmett O AF 1st Lt Ft. Payne Alabama
Evans Joseph K Sfc Macon Georgia
Evans Junior C Pfc Dallas Texas


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Faeth William P AF S/Sgt St. Paul Minnesota
Fancher Harold S Cpl Johnstown New York
Farthing Robert J Maj North Billerica Massachusetts
Fennell, Jr. Isaac Sfc New York New York
Ferree Noland H AF 1st Lt Pomona California
Festini Steve J AF Capt Parma Ohio
Fetzer Leo E Cpl Creston Ohio
Figureid Ronald Sgt Warren Rhode Island
Fischer Harold E AF Capt Sea City Iowa
Fischer James F Cpl Saint Helena California
Fisher William R AF Capt Collierville Tennessee
Fitzgerald John J Cpl Lyndon Station Wisconsin
Flaherty, Jr. Coleman J Cpl Bronx New York
Fleming James W AF 1st Lt St. Marys Pennsylvania
Fletcher Robert S Cpl Manchester New Hampshire
Flook Grady H Cpl Alhambra California
Flores Willie S Sgt San Antonio Texas
Fontenot Alvin Sfc Jennings Louisiana
Foote Victor G AF S/Sgt Wichita Kansas
Ford Joe L Cpl Crossville Tennessee
Fortuna Andrew Sgt Ionia Michigan
Foster Robert R AF 1st Lt Carmichael California
Foulks, Jr. James A AF Capt Clarksdale Mississippi
Frantz George A Pfc Indianapolis Indiana
Frech, Jr. John 1st Lt Riverside California
Freytag Ruben W Sfc Wartburg Tennessee
Fuehrer Alois A AF S/Sgt Drexel Hill Pennsylvania
Fulk Lester E Cpl Elk Creek Missouri
Fuller Terrell J Pfc Taccoa Georgia
Fullerton Harold O Pfc Butler Pennsylvania
Funa John F Cpl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Furlow Robert D Cpl Elnora New York


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Gage Kenneth L AF Pfc Grand Rapids Michigan
Gahan John W AF Sgt Louisville Kentucky
Galarneau Edwin L Cpl Wenatchee Washington 4/23/2013
Gallant James A AF A/1C Williamstown Ohio
Gambrel, Jr. Harry P.H. Pfc Decatur Illinois
Gardner James D Pfc Baltimore Maryland
Garrison Fred H AF Capt Troup Texas
Garver Charles E Cpl New Windsor Maryland
Garza Nicolas C Pfc Rockdale Texas
George Winifred R AF M/Sgt Colquitt Georgia
Gibb Robert D AF Capt East Lansing Michigan
Gilbert Raymond B 1st Lt Steubenville Ohio
Gillespie Robert W AF 1st Lt Salt Lake City Utah
Gilley Homer B Sgt Freeman West Virginia
Glasgow James E USMC Cpl Buffalo New York
Glasser Gerald W Sgt New Castle Pennsylvania
Glessner Milton F AF Col Albany Georgia
Goetz George R M/Sgt Cincinnati Ohio
Golden Newman C AF 1st Lt Richmond California
Gomez Gustavo K Pfc Phoenix Arizona
Gonteski John S AF A/1C Riverside New Jersey
Goodman George M AF 1st Lt York Pennsylvania
Goodwin Bobbie A AF 1st Lt Ada Oklahoma
Gorman Harold L Cpl Manitowoc Wisconsin
Gorman Kenneth J Sfc New London Wisconsin
Gorrell Louis P AF Capt Parkersburg West Virginia
Gossar Edward Pfc Cincinnati Ohio
Graff, Jr. Herman L Cpl Crystal City Missouri
Grahl Hans W USMC Pfc Quakertown Pennsylvania
Gramberg Bernard M 1st Lt Glendale California
Gray William H USMC Sgt Milwaukee Wisconsin
Gregory Robert S Sgt New Kensington Pennsylvania
Greis Raymond C Maj Alexandria Virginia
Grenier Donald T Pfc Moorestown New Jersey
Gresser Arnold G Cpl Kinsey Montana
Griggs Harry Cpl Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Griggs Lewie W Cpl Jacksonville Texas
Grimsley Robert L Cpl Winston Virginia
Grissom Delmer R Cpl Belton Texas
Groleau Robert G Cpl Detroit Michigan
Gross Myron E Pfc Conway Pennsylvania
Gross Robert F AF M/Sgt Sawyerville Alabama
Gudger Joseph D Sgt Southeast Washington, DC
Guidry Joseph Sgt Marrero Louisiana
Guilfoyle Cornelius P AF Capt Chicago Illinois
Guthrie Marvin L AF S/Sgt Ozona Florida
Guthrie, Jr. Edward S 1st Lt Flushing Queens


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Haag Douglas H 1st Lt Louisville Kentucky 5/28/2013
Hagen Ronald W Pfc Stockton California
Haley Richard A M/Sgt Auburndale Massachusetts
Hall Robert D M/Sgt North Vernon Indiana
Hall, Jr. John Cpl Cleveland Ohio
Hallum Leonard D Pfc Cookeville Tennessee
Hamblin Robert W AF M/Sgt Richmond Hill, Queens New York
Hamershy Russell G Cpl Zerbe Pennsylvania
Hammon Keith E AF T/Sgt Fort Walton Florida
Hammond Robert T Pfc Ilion New York
Hansen Floyd M Sfc Plainview Nebraska
Hardy Edgar W M/Sgt Nowata Oklahoma
Harker, Jr. Charles A AF 2d Lt Jacksonville Florida
Harnage Lawrence A Col Bay City Georgia
Harpstep Fred W Pfc Barberton Ohio
Harrell, Jr. Guy B AF Capt Long Beach Mississippi
Harrell, Jr. Virgil B AF S/Sgt Kelso Washington
Harry, Jr. Edward S Pfc Jacksonville Arkansas
Hart, Jr. Alvin D AF A/1C Saginaw Michigan
Haskett, Jr. William T AF Capt Nofolk Virginia
Hassel Lamar F Cpl Milwaukee Wisconsin
Hastie John C Capt Takoma Park Maryland
Hatfield Douglas H AF Col Riverside California 12/11/2007
Havranek Erwin A Cpl Omaha Nebraska
Hawes Richard E AF 1st Lt Spokane Washington
Hawkins Samuel D Pfc Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Hawkins, Jr. Luther R AF Capt Fabens Texas
Hayman James R Cpl Tampa Florida
Haynie Robert E Pfc El Monte California
Hays Melvin B AF A/2C Elkton Oregon
Heath Richard C M/Sgt Richfield Springs New York
Heer David T AF 1st Lt Clarkson Kentucky
Heffley Edgar S Pfc Chicago Illinois
Hegen Ronald W Pfc Stockton California
Heise Arthur AF Capt Bossier City Louisiana
Heise Arthur AF Capt St. Petersburg Florida
Heller Edwin L AF Lt Col Wynnewood Pennsylvania
Hendrick Hazen C Sfc Owosso Michigan
Henry Dewey R AF 1st Lt Decatur Florida
Hensley, Jr. Bird S/Sgt Caywood Kentucky
Herbert Sylvio L Pfc Auburn Maine
Hester Will H Pfc Benton Kentucky
Higdon Charles H Pfc Akron Ohio 6/18/2010
Hill Melvin J Pfc Negaunee Michigan
Hinrichs, Jr. August H AF M/Sgt Rosemount Minnesota
Hoak Charles R Cpl Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania
Hobbie Jack M AF Capt Johnson City New York
Hobday Jimmie R AF A/1C Denver Colorado
Hodnot Charles D Pfc Miami Florida
Hoff Warren M AF 1st Lt Portland Oregon
Hogan Paul E 1st Lt Seattle Washington
Hoit Zane M AF Maj Montgomery Alabama
Holcom William L AF 1st Lt Des Moines Iowa
Holland William E Cpl Loveland Ohio
Holmes Harold R AF 1st Lt Provo Utah
Holt Crenshaw A Capt Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Holz Scott A AF 1st Lt Cincinnati Ohio
Hoogacker Philip T Pfc Detroit Michigan
Horner John J AF 1st Lt Swedesboro New Jersey
Hoult Arthur W AF S/Sgt Boise Idaho
Hoult Arthur W AF S/Sgt Yreka California
Houston James L Cpl Dow City Iowa
Howard Edward M Cpl Brooklyn New York
Howard Melvin J AF Capt Burbank California
Howell Howard D AF Capt McAllen Texas
Howell James Cpl Grand Rapids Michigan
Hoyle Duane A Cpl Nebraska City Nebraska
Hoysradt Donald C Pfc Salisbury Connecticut
Hudson Laurence H AF 1st Lt East Meadow, Long Island New York
Hudson Robert E AF 1st Lt Brockton Massachusetts
Hughes Wayne G Pfc Hot Springs Arkansas
Hull Leonard C Sgt Forest City Pennsylvania
Humiston Donald L Cpl Waterbury Connecticut
Hunt Duane M Pfc Denver Colorado
Hunt Melvin J AF S/Sgt Baltimore Maryland
Hunt Melvin J AF S/Sgt Vacaville California
Hutchinson William P Cpl Erie Pennsylvania
Hyatt Don AF Capt Rochester New York
Hynes Joseph W Sfc Tacoma Washington


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Ishida Hidemare S AF A/1C San Francisco California
Ishida Mitsuyoshi Cpl Koloa, Kauai Hawaii


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Jackson, Jr. Clinton H Capt Tacoma washington
Jacobs Harrison C AF 1st Lt Ithaca New York
Jamieson Joseph C AF A/2C Lakeview New York
Janes Robert L 1st Lt Syracuse New York
Jarrell Charles E Sgt East Riverdale Maryland
Jennings, Jr. John E Sgt Quincy Illinois
Jensen Morton H AF T/Sgt St. Paul Minnesota
Jensen Wayne E AF S/Sgt Platywood Montana
Jerome Richard Cpl Baltimore Maryland
Jewett Richard G 2nd Lt West Englewood New Jersey
Jinks Leonard W.E. Cpl Batesville Indiana
Johnson Dewitt W Cpl Coniphan Missouri
Johnson Donald R Pfc Baltimore Maryland
Johnson Gerald E AF A/2C Arcadia Pennsylvania
Johnson John E Sfc Council Hill Oklahoma
Johnson Johnny M AF M/Sgt San Angelo Texas
Johnson Leroy Pfc Campti Louisiana
Johnson Myron Pfc Bentleyville Pennsylvania
Johnson Raymond Sgt Erick Oklahoma
Johnston, Jr. Franks S AF Capt Dayton Ohio
Jones James L AF A/2C Brookings South Dakota
Jones Kassidy K Cpl Loveland Texas
Jones Oliver E AF 1st Lt Longmont Colorado
Jones Robert W AF M/Sgt Sacramento California
Jones Thomas D Pfc Colliers West Virginia
Jones, Jr. Wilbur G Capt Los Angeles California
Justus, Jr. Bert W 1st Lt Huntington Park California


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Kalama Herbert Sfc Honolulu Hawaii
Karnes Richard J Capt Tacoma Washington
Karpowicz Jerome AF A/1C Milwaukee Wisconsin
Kauffman, Jr. Clarence Cpl Garden City Kansas
Keene Kassel M AF Maj Spokane Washington
Kehr, Jr. Dean D AF S/Sgt Franklin Park Illinois
Keister Harold O AF Capt South Charleston West Virginia
Kelleher Robert P AF A/1C Hartford Connecticut
Kellstrom Paul K AF A/1C Astabula Ohio
Kelly Ernest M M/Sgt Knoxville Tennessee
Kelly Henry B AF 1st Lt New Orleans Louisiana
Kelly James W AF A/1C Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Kenny Kenneth E Pfc Norfolk Nebraska
Kepford Joseph C AF Capt Des Moines Iowa
Kiba Steve E AF A/1C Akron Ohio
Kidd Elmer C Cpl Seneca Falls New York 11/6/2012
Kim, Jr. Chan Jay P Pfc Honolulu Hawaii
King Alfred H 1st Lt Alexandria Virginia
King Charles E Cpl Shawnee Oklahoma
King Edmund 1st Lt Dennison Ohio
King Jimmy E Sgt West Bainbridge Georgia
King Ralph K Pfc Garden City Missouri
King William A USMC Pfc Birmingham Alabama
Kirk Charles F AF 1st Lt Los Angeles California
Kling Eugene H Cpl Cary Illinois
Klinger James F Pfc Perrysburg Ohio
Knapp Kingdon R AF Capt Jackson Heights, Queens New York
Knueppel Raymond J AF Capt Hampton Iowa
Koch Kermit K Pfc Fredericksburg Texas
Konze Anthony Cpl Brooklyn New York
Koontz Frederick R AF 1st Lt San Francisco California
Korb Russell E CWO Jacksonville Florida
Korstjens Joseph L AF Capt Vacaville California
Kost Stanley Cpl Leetsdale Pennsylvania
Kozer Michael P Sgt Cleveland Ohio
Kristanoff George W 1st Lt Pengilly Minnesota
Krumm Robert M AF Capt Cedar Rapids Iowa
Krygowski Francis J Cpl Lowell Massachusetts
Kuehner, Jr. Gordon V AF Capt West Hartford Connecticut


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
La Roue Billy J Sgt Lubbock Texas
Labreck, Jr. Edmond P Pfc Auburn New York
Lagoni Ditlef J M/Sgt Niles Michigan
Laier Robert H AF 1st Lt Columbus Ohio
Lampson Harold L Sgt Tillicum Washington
Lapointe John N Cpl Detroit Michigan
Larkin Hugh F AF Capt San Antoino Texas
Lavelle, Jr. John G Pfc Brooklyn New York 7/27/2011
Law Asa L AF S/Sgt Moab Utah
Lawrence John R Pfc Fort Worth Texas
Layton Laurence C AF 1st Lt Georgetown Delaware
Layton Robert H Capt Tulsa Oklahoma
Le Baron James R AF A/1C Healdsburg California
Lear Leslie W AF Capt Riverside California
Lebiedz Joseph Sgt East Cambridge Massachusetts
Ledesma Alberto Pfc San Antonio Texas
Lee Charles S Pfc Honolulu Hawaii
Lee Emil E Cpl San Antonio Texas
Levitski Walter J Pfc Bennington Michigan
Lewis Jack AF Capt Denver Colorado
Lewis Wayne E AF 1/C Patoka Illinois
Lewis Wilbur E 1st Lt Rossville Illinois
Linebaugh Orville F Pfc La Crescenta California
Lingle William J Sgt Antigo Wisconsin
Link Leonard Sgt Los Angeles California
Litchfield Billie G Sgt 1/C Anderson Missouri
Llewellyn Elmer F AF Capt Missoula Montana
Logan, Jr. Samuel P AF Maj Nashville Tennessee
Logston Edward R AF A/2C Conshocken Pennsylvania
Long Charles M Sgt St. Louis Missouri
Long Emmett N AF Capt Omaha Nebraska
Long Emmett N AF Capt Hyattsville Maryland
Long, Jr. Joseph S AF Maj Riverside California
Lopes, Jr. Alfred Cpl Marshfield Hills Massachusetts
Louviere Ray V Sgt Gibson Louisiana
Love Robert J Pfc Mansfield Ohio
Lovell John R AF Col North Arlington Virginia
Lovern Donald W Pfc De Queen Arkansas
Lovett Charles E Cpl Norman Park Georgia
Lowe, Jr. James A AF Capt Roanoke Virginia
Lundquist William F Sgt Bell California
Lycan, Jr. John S Cpl Sun Valley California


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
MacNair-Raga Hector R Cpl San Louis Potosl Mexico
Macomber Wayne B Capt Albany California
Maddox Donald Pfc Bethel Ohio
Magnus Donald F Cpl Evansville Indiana
Maher Frank X Sfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Malanga Angelo S Sgt Newark New Jersey
Mandell David AF 1st Lt Los Angeles California
Marshall Alfred Cpl Brooklyn New York
Martin Charles R Cpl Detroit Michigan
Martin Dominique K AF 1st Lt Cedar Rapids Iowa
Martin Dominique K AF 1st Lt Van Buren Maine
Martin Robert L 1st Lt Garrettsville Ohio
Mason James L Pfc Middlesboro Kentucky
Mast Clifford H AF S/Sgt Spokane Washington
Masters Louis R Pfc New Castle Pennsylvania
Mattingly Donald L Sfc Merriam Kansas
McAdoo Ernest R AF S/Sgt Black Lick Pennsylvania
McCain James D M/Sgt Klamath Falls Oregon
McClure, Jr. Clarence Pfc Fairchance Pennsylvania
McDaniel William T Lt Col Williamsburg Virginia
McDonald John D Cpl Chester Pennsylvania
McDonnell John J Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
McDonough Charles E Maj Glen Rose Texas
McDougal Charles C 1st Lt Kansas City Missouri
McDowell William C Cpl Colorado Springs Colorado
McFee Claude D AF S/Sgt Tucson Arizona
McGill William R Pfc Howard Pennsylvania
McIntosh Lamar M Cpl Crystal Springs Mississippi
McIntosh, Jr. Henry Sgt Southeast Washington, DC
McKee Robert E AF Capt Foxboro Massachusetts
McKinley Ralph H Pfc Atlanta Georgia
McKinney Julius E Sgt Birmingham Alabama
McLinko Peter J Pfc Towanda Pennsylvania
McLoughlin Robert J AF A/2C Elmhurst, Queens New York
McMullan Patrick J 1st Lt Ames Iowa
McNary Walter D Pfc East Detroit Michigan
McNeill Curtis Pfc Hope Mills North Carolina
McSwain Leon Sgt Fitzgerald Georgia
Meadows Carl J Cpl Denison Texas
Meagher Neil W Sgt Hawthorne California
Melchiorre Joseph D Cpl Utica New York
Mendoza Alfonso L Cpl Los Angeles California
Merriman Earl W Sgt Hayward California
Mesel Kenneth M Sfc Cherry Creek New York
Metkowski Edward Sgt Buffalo New York
Meyers Robert E Cpl Greencastle Pennsylvania
Miller Arthur L Sgt Cairo Georgia
Miller Henry D AF 1st Lt Bolckow Missouri
Miller Henry D AF 1st Lt Rowley Massachusetts
Miller Paul B AF Lt Col Austin Texas
Miller Paul L Cpl Flat Rock Michigan
Miller Raymond H Cpl Quakertown Pennsylvania
Miller Waldemar W AF 1st Lt San Francisco California
Mills Mosco M/Sgt Logan West Virginia
Miner Donald W Pfc Hudson Falls New York
Mirles Macario Cpl San Antonio Texas
Mitchell Bernard AF S/Sgt Groton Connecticut
Mompher David P Pfc Fostoria Ohio
Montgomery Harold W Sfc Madera California
Moody Charles V Sfc Big Spring Texas
Mooradian Ara AF Capt Fresno California
Moore Jack S Sfc Fort Wayne Indiana
Moore John G AF Capt Portland Oregon
Moore Robert L Sgt Richmond Virginia
Moreland, Jr. Harry D Capt Tulsa Oklahoma
Moreno Raymond M Cpl Los Angeles California
Morris Russell F Sgt Muncie Indiana
Morris, III John C Sgt San Carlos California
Morrow Billy J USMC Pfc Goodwater Alabama
Mrotek Lawrence M Cpl Blue Island Illinois
Mueller Wilbur J AF 1st Lt Amherst Massachusetts
Mueller Wilbur J AF 1st Lt St. Louis Illinois
Mulkins William D AF 1st Lt Oakland California
Mulock Arthur F 1st Lt Waltham Massachusetts
Munda Joseph F M/Sgt Tampa Florida
Munoz Moises Cpl Bo Magas, Guayanilla Puerto Rico
Munroe Irving AF A/1C Newport Rhode Island
Murdock Jackie L Pfc Crawfordsville Indiana
Murphy Robert M Pfc Fairchance Pennsylvania
Murray Jack L AF 1st Lt Columbus Ohio
Myers Thomas E AF Maj St. Louis Missouri


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Nearhood John W Sgt Baltimore Maryland
Nelson Forest A USMC Lt Long Beach California
Nelson Lawrence A AF 1st Lt Stillwater Minnesota
Neshulam Morris Pfc Indianapolis Indiana
Nichols James L AF A/2C Knoxville Iowa
Nichols Robert A Cpl Toledo Ohio
Nicowski Anthony J Sgt Lackawanna New York
Nikles Rudolph AF A/1C Manhattan New York
Nix Forrest C Cpl Anadarko Oklahoma
Nolan Lawrence T Sgt Bronx New York
Nystrom John W 1st Lt Rockford Illinois


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
O’Brien Raymond J Cpl Detroit Michigan
O’Brien Warren E AF Capt Audubon New Jersey
O’Brien Warren E AF Capt Malden Massachusetts
Ogrodnik Edwin P USMC Pfc Buffalo New York
O’Hara William T Cpl Milwaukee Wisconsin
Olcott Raymond W AF 1st Lt Fort Worth Texas
Olsen Arthur R AF 1st Lt Chicago Illinois
Olson Sigurd C Pfc North Newry Maine
Olsovsky Bernard J Sgt Lansford Pennsylvania
O’Meara, Jr. James J AF A/2C Detroit Michigan
O’Neal Julius E AF Lt Col Shreveport Louisiana
O’Neal Raymond G Cpl Medford Massachusetts
Osborne, Jr. Jess A AF A/2C Lebanon Virginia
Ososki Edmund J Cpl Pinconning Michigan
O’Toole Damien F AF A/1C Lancaster Ohio
Ottesen Eugene L Sgt New Richland Minnesota
Overgard Elwood E Sgt Vinita Oklahoma
Owens John R Pfc Panama City Florida
Oyler Ernest R AF Capt Jackson Michigan


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Padilla Alexander B AF Capt Tucson Arizona
Palmer Alford C AF 2d Lt MCAlester Oklahoma
Palmiotti Nicholas M AF S/Sgt Union City New Jersey
Parham, Jr. Charles E AF A/1C McCain North Carolina
Parker James N 2nd Lt Columbia South Carolina
Parkes Patrick E 1st Lt San Jose California
Parks Roland W AF 1st Lt Omaha Nebraska
Pastuszek Walter J Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pate Arlie H Cpl Carbondale Illinois
Patterson, Jr. Joe N Pfc East Corpus Christi Texas
Patton Johnny L Pvt Cedar Bluff Virginia
Paytes John L Cpl Loveland Ohio
Peck James K AF Capt Arvado Colorado
Peiffer Alfred G 1st Lt Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Pelletier Robert L.J. Sfc Tyngsboro Massachusetts
Penninger Roger W AF Capt Elsinor California
Peters James M.E. Sgt Honolulu Hawaii
Peters Spiro J AF 1st Lt Rochester New York
Peterson Lyle E Pfc North Richland Washington
Peterson Norman W AF A/2C Waseca Minnesota
Pettigrew John B Cpl Fort Worth Texas
Pettit Thomas J AF A/1C Covington Kentucky
Phillips Duane M AF 1st Lt Peoria Illinois
Phillis William K AF 1st Lt Hammonton New Jersey
Pickard Maxie L Cpl Dallas Texas
Picucci James J AF Capt Sacramento California
Pierce Albert C Cpl Bolivar Missouri
Pierce, Jr. Leonard L Pfc Dubois Pennsylvania
Piersee Howard E Cpl Keokuk Iowa
Pitre Charles D Pfc Alexandria Louisiana
Pittman Irvin W Cpl Burlington New Jersey
Pitts John W Cpl Montgomery Alabama
Pleshek Roger W Pfc Menominee Michigan
Polk Warren F AF 1st Lt Indian Head Maryland
Pool Edward Cpl Paso Robles California
Pope James D AF A/2C Cherryville North Carolina
Porter James H AF A/1C Shreveport Louisiana
Powell Roy L Sgt Corbin Kentucky
Poyner Con F AF 1st Lt Ranger Texas
Pratt Charles W AF Capt Great Neck, Long Island New York
Pratt Glen L Cpl Lowell Washington
Preas Curious M Cpl Coleman Texas
Provost Leonard E Pfc Piercefield New York


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Quigg John F Sgt Brooklyn New York


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Radanovich Harry J Cpl Rockford Illinois
Ragin Carl W Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rainey William J Cpl Minden West Virginia
Ramirez Santos USMC Pfc El Paso Texas
Randall Elgin V Sgt Anniston Alabama
Ranes William H AF S/Sgt Sacramento California
Rausch Charles L Sgt Elwell Michigan
Raven Daniel J Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Raymond Gerald W AF S/Sgt Los Angeles California
Reasor Kyle USMC Pfc Big Stone Gap Virginia
Reddick Frank T Sfc Pittsburg Pennsylvania
Reed Lee B Cpl Organ Cave West Virginia
Reeve Harry J Pfc Philadelphia Pennsylvania 7/30/2010
Reeves Clifford M Sfc Republic Kansas
Rehm Harry M AF 1st Lt West Rutland Vermont
Reid, Jr. Elbert J AF S/Sgt Birmingham Alabama
Reimer Walter F Sgt East Orange New Jersey
Renneberg Anthony W Pfc San Diego California
Rhinehart Charles W AF 1st Lt Fontana California
Rice Donald R Sgt Omaha Nebraska
Rice John A AF S/Sgt Cleveland Ohio
Richey Aggie L Pfc Campbell California
Ridgeway Junior V Cpl Clarkston Michigan
Riley John F Sgt Bowlegs Oklahoma
Riley Lawrence T Pfc West Coxsackie New York
Ritter Herbert E AF Capt Garland Texas
Roberge Robert J Cpl Bremerton Washington
Robinson Ernest Sgt Casslake Minnesota
Rockwell Clyde T Cpl Hayden Lake Idaho
Roden Tracy R Cpl Gillham Arkansas
Rodney Daryl E AF A/1C San Luis Obispo California
Rogers, Jr. Raymond Cpl Yalesville Connecticut
Roop Donald H Cpl Betsy Layne Kentucky
Rose Albert E Cpl Chicago Illinois
Rose Nokomis J Pfc Waynesboro Virginia
Rose William W AF A/1C Quincy Michigan
Ross Robert L AF S/Sgt Indianapolis Indiana
Rountree Fred B AF Capt Newburgh New York
Rowden, Jr. Thomas W S/Sgt Portland Maine
Royer Charles B Sgt Jacksboro Texas
Royer Ted G AF 1st Lt Houston Texas
Rozear, Jr. John M Cpl Bristol Pennsylvania
Rush Scott L Sgt Marietta Ohio


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Salmon Donald W Pfc Maplewood New Jersey
Samczyk Stanley J Cpl Chicago Illinois
Samora Jose M Cpl Alamosa Colorado
Sampson James W Sfc Miamisburg Ohio
Sanders James B Cpl Waldo Arkansas
Sanford Royal W Pfc Kenbridge Virginia
Sayre Fred B Pfc Hillsboro North Dakota
Schauer Gilbert J AF 1st Lt Bloomington California
Schmidt Daniel C AF A/2C Scotia California
Schmitt Warren W AF A/2C Dubuque Iowa
Schnepper Paul W Cpl Rantoul Illinois
Schonder, Jr. William D Pfc Mill Valley California
Schultz Robert E USMC Pfc Chicago Illinois
Schuring Gerald G Cpl Chicago Illinois
Schwab Edward A AF A/2C North Java New York
Seagoe Richard D AF M/Sgt Blythe California
Seggie William R Pfc Mount Savage Maryland
Selfman Clifford G AF 1st Lt East Chicago Illinois
Serwise Luther D Sfc Gary Indiana
Sewell Nathul Sgt Lufkin Texas
Shaddick, III John P AF 1st Lt Coral Gables Florida
Sharp James W Sgt Lawton Oklahoma
Sheeman Robert E AF 1st Lt Seattle Washington
Shepard Robert A Sgt Washington Pennsylvania
Shibao Hiroshi Cpl Menlo Park California
Shields Thomas L AF Capt Hicksville, Long Island New York
Shirtz Alton L Sfc Parma Idaho
Shults Rembert D Pfc Marvell Arkansas
Siegmund Earl V Sgt Newark Ohio
Simpson Charles L Cpl Farmers Kentucky
Simpson Richard H AF Capt Clawson Michigan 12/11/2007
Sirman Donald S Capt Corpus Christi Texas
Skinner Kenneth L Pfc Abingdon Illinois
Skinner Lowell D Cpl Akron Ohio
Smith Allen W Cpl Almond Wisconsin
Smith James M AF 1st Lt Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Smith Lawrence J Sfc Crowley Louisiana
Smith Robert Cpl Persinger West Virginia
Smith, Jr. James D AF 1st Lt Richmond California
Smith, Jr. James E Sgt Wichita Kansas
Snider Glenn A M/Sgt Seattle Washington
Snider, Jr. Carl G Cpl Collyer Kansas
Snodgrass Robert C Cpl Los Angeles California
Sorrentino Anthony T Cpl Brooklyn New York
Sparks, Jr. Donald D Sgt Hawthorne California
Spath Charles R AF 1st Lt Mt. Clemens Michigan
Spence Marvin J AF Maj Erie Pennsylvania
Spense Marvin J AF Maj Holyoke Massachusetts
Spiller William R Sgt Freeport Texas
Springer William Cpl Paterson New Jersey
St. Mary Robert R AF 1/C Campbell-Sport Wisconsin
Stansbury, Jr. William H Cpl Kansas City Missouri
Starck John S AF 1st Lt Chicago Illinois
Starling Robert C Cpl Miami Florida
Stedman Gerald F Sfc Springdale Montana
Steele Robert C AF Capt Hamtramck Michigan
Stefas Frank AF S/Sgt Chula Vista California
Steger William R Cpl Chicago Illinois
Steinberg Joseph D Sfc San Francisco California 7/26/2013
Stephens Robert D Pfc Clayton Kansas
Sternad John T Cpl Omaha Nebraska
Stevens Simon J Capt Port Arthur Texas
Stevenson Frank J AF A/3C Camden New Jersey
Stewart Wilson W Cpl Nashville Tennessee
Stidham Lloyd D Cpl Beattyville Kentucky
Stiles George W Cpl San Francisco California
Stockman Richard W Pvt Portland Oregon
Stoeber, Jr. Walter T Cpl McKees Rocks Pennsylvania
Stokes Kenneth H M/Sgt Seaside California
Stoll Edward J AF S/Sgt Milwaukee Wisconsin
Stone Edward J Cpl Hazelhurst Georgia
Stone Neil R Pfc Phoenix Arizona
Stopa Dewey AF 1st Lt Kansas City Kansas
Strawser Paul P Cpl Ashley Indiana
Stumpf Marion F Cpl Atchison Kansas
Sullivan Larance V Sgt Omaha Nebraska
Surber Harold P Cpl Indianapolis Indiana
Sutherland John E 1st Lt Latine Alabama
Swanson Richard P Pfc Enfield Minnesota
Sweeney John R Cpl Berlin New Jersey
Sweitzer William C Pfc Altoona Pennsylvania
Sweney Bruce A AF 1st Lt Avon Illinois
Switzer Contee L Cpl Kansas City Missouri
Szczepanski Anthony A Cpl McKees Rocks Pennsylvania


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Tahsequah Meach AF Lt Col Lawton Oklahoma
Takahara Sam O 1st Lt New York New York
Takus Kenneth A 1st Lt Hartford Connecticut
Tanner, Jr. Arlond M Cpl Proctor Vermont
Taylor Charles A USMC Pfc Louisville Kentucky
Tenneson Richard R Pfc Alden Minnesota
Thacker Roy A Pfc Donnellson Illinois
Thomas Mitchell C 1st Lt Sylacauga Alabama
Thomas, Jr. Lewis A AF S/Sgt Carrolton Missouri
Thompson Charles R AF 1st Lt Sherman Oaks California
Thompson Harwood H Cpl Schenectady New York
Thompson Raymond AF A/1C Akron Ohio
Thompson, III John W AF A/2C Orange Virginia
Thomson Hugh K AF 1st Lt Brooklyn New York
Tilch Philip W AF Sgt Washington DC
Tiller Horace N AF M/Sgt Madera California
Tish, Jr. Clarence A Cpl Kissimmee Florida
Todd Blanton Sgt Orlando Florida
Tomlinson Marvin E M/Sgt Barling Arkansas
Toole Arnold E Sgt Chicago Illinois
Torhan George Pfc Ambridge Pennsylvania
Torres Luis P Cpl Eagle Pass Texas
Trantham Archie P AF Capt Cape Girardeau Missouri
Treacy, Jr. Edgar J Col Colorado Springs Colorado
Trosclair James O AF A/1C Opelousas Louisiana
Tucker Lloyd L Cpl Canton Texas
Tugman Richard J Pfc Chicago Illinois
Turner Harold P AF 1st Lt Oakland California


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Vaadi Eugene J AF Capt Clayton New York
Vaillancourt Albert W M/Sgt North Billercia Massachusetts
Van Dine Donald F Sfc Ramsey New Jersey
Van Fleet, Jr. James A AF Capt Elmhurst, Queens New York
Van Voorhls Paul E AF 1st Lt Ozone Park, Queens New York
Van Winkle Calvin A Pvt Tacoma Washington
Van Wyk Clayton E Pfc Grand Rapids Michigan
Vann Harvey T M/Sgt Portland Oregon
Varner Edmund S Pvt Summit New Jersey
Varney, Jr. Basil Pfc Hardy Kentucky
Verneris James G Pvt Hawthorne California
Vernon Raymond A Pfc Waldwick New Jersey
Vester John W Capt Somerville New Jersey
Vicaldo Robert Pfc Chula Vista California
Vickers Wendell Cpl Birmingham Alabama
Vincent Albert A Pfc Kearney Missouri
Vizuete Roy M/Sgt Newton Texas
Vranic Anthony Pfc Sheboygan Wisconsin


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Wahlgren Edward C AF Capt Huntington Station, Long Island New York
Walker Archie Pfc Los Angeles California
Walker James Y Pfc Shreveport Louisiana
Wallen James A Pfc Water Gap Kentucky
Walmsley, Jr. John S AF Capt Silver Spring Maryland
Wancoski Frank P Pfc Dunmore Pennsylvania
Ware Raymond O Pvt Wichita Kansas
Washington, Jr. Junius E Sfc San Antonio Texas
Watkins Samuel K Pvt Naples North Carolina 1/18/2011
Watson James D Cpl Muskogee Oklahoma
Weaver Edward P Pfc Edwardsville Pennsylvania
Webb Donald K Cpl San Francisco California
Webb Edward A AF A/1C Oktaha Oklahoma
Webb Harold H Sgt Fort Pierce Florida
Webb Jerald C Cpl Prichard Alabama
Weeks Grady M AF S/Sgt Fairplay Colorado
Weese Henry D AF 1st Lt Knobel Arkansas
Wendling Ernest A Pfc Chicago Illinois
West Carl E AF Cpl Rvenwood West Virginia
Westphall Johnny J Sgt Santa Monica California
Whaley Elwin I Maj Fairfax Virginia
White Claude V AF 1st Lt Los Angeles California
White John P USMC Pfc New York New York
White Waddell Pfc St. Louis Missouri
White William C Cpl Plummerville Arkansas
White William F Cpl Detroit Michigan
Whitman William H AF A/1C Man West Virginia
Widener William J Sfc Maywood Indiana
Wiley Kenneth D AF A/1C Farina Illinois
Wilk Raymond C AF 1st Lt Chicago Illinois
Williams Albert Cpl Jackson Mississippi
Williamson Kenneth E AF T/Sgt Cincinnati Ohio
Willis Charles A Cpl Birmingham Alabama
Wilson Aaron P Cpl Urania Louisiana
Wilson Earl T Pfc Cromwell Kentucky
Wilson Jesse Pfc Baltimore Maryland
Wilson Merble E Pfc Clarks Hill Indiana
Wilson Richard L Sgt Detroit Michigan
Wilson Silas W Sfc Athens Alabama
Wilson, Jr. James S AF Capt Tampa Florida
Winrader, Jr. Howard W Cpl Butler Pennsylvania
Wise William L M/Sgt Mannington West Virginia
Wood Lyle E Sgt Iowa Falls Iowa
Wood Melvin C AF Maj Mackinaw City Michigan
Woodring Raymond L Cpl Waynesboro Pennsylvania
Woods Joseph H Cpl Orange New Jersey
Wooster Audrey H Sgt Corpus Christi Texas
Worley Frank Pvt Wilmington North Carolina
Wormack Thelbert B AF 1st Lt Cincinnati Ohio
Worth George W S/Sgt Pacific Grove California
Wright Charles F AF Capt Seaford Delaware
Wright Edward C Cpl Brookfield Missouri


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Yoshida Kanji Pfc Honolulu Hawaii
Young Charles H Cpl Baltimore Maryland
Young John M Pvt Worth West Virginia
Young Jules E Capt East Rochester New York
Young Russell V Pvt Kermit Texas
Young Walter R Pfc Glenside Pennsylvania


Name Rank Hometown State Recovered
Zamora Anselmo Pvt New Braunfels Texas
Zawachi Frank J Cpl Lashmeet West Virginia
Zebrowski John W Pfc Chicago Illinois
Zecchini Ralph E Pvt Cleveland Ohio
Zeigler Joseph P AF 2d Lt Springfield Illinois
Ziemer Jack R Pvt Bovey Minnesota
Zoller Jack R Pvt Dearborn Michigan
Zuver Robert L Pvt Whittier California
Zwilling Louis J Pfc Dundas Illinois