Operation Big Switch

There are multiple lists of POWs released during Operation Big Switch. We will post as many as we can here.

National Archives List

UN Command’s Master Roster by Date

UN Command’s Master Roster by Name

Video of POWs arriving in San Francisco on August 23, 1953

Operation Big Switch Video September 1, 1953

Newsreel Video of POWs returning to San Francisco

POWs being interviewed August 17, 1953
– unfortunately the sound is not the best

Transport Ships

These are the ships that transported the POWs back to the US. Many of the sick and injured POWs were transported by air.

Ship Departure Arrival POWs
USNS General Nelson M Walker 8/11/1953 3:21pm 8/24/1953 328
General W.F. Hase 8/15/1953 8/30/1953 437/440
US Marine Adder 8/22/1953 9/4/1953 367
General John Pope 8/25/1953 9/10/1953 442
USNS Marine Phoenix 8/29/1953 5:30am 9/13/1953 374/377
Gen William M Black 9/2/1953 9/17/1953 428
General A.W. Brewster 9/6/1953 9/20/1953 301
USNS General R.L. Howze 9/8/1953 5pm 9/22/1953 297
Navy Hospital Ship Haven 9/5/1953 105