Front left to right:
Elliott Sortillo, Joe Ramirez, Steve Mageria, W.O Moore, Delmar Miller, Al Brooks.

Back left to right:
Jack Stegall, Ed Clevenger


  1. Joyce Protz

    My Uncle was a POW for over 20mths, Camp 5 in Korea, Charles Loutitt. His wishes are to see a photo of himself being released from the camp. Can you direct me to anyone who may be able to provide photos of the releases? Time is of the essence and I hope to grant this humble hero his wish. Please let me know of anyone or agency who could help.

    • My dad was released on Sept 6, 1953. I also am looking for photos of Freedom Village at that time… Dan King, son of Marvin King, USAF.

      • Delmar Miller just passed away in San Diego. Such a likeable human being.

        Thanks to all who suffered and gave service to our country.

  2. Lawrence Bach

    Does anyone have information on pilot Lawrence Bach first Sabre pilot taken prisoner?

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