Veterans Heritage Project

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This is a program in 12 high schools in Arizona where high school students interview veterans then write and publish the veterans stories in their annual book. It is an amazing program that connects students with veterans and also gives an opportunity to tell their story to our young generation of Americans. There are many schools in Phoenix and Tucson who participate in this program.

Here’s their website:

If any of the Korean Ex-POWs Association members are interested in being interviewed, please have them contact the founder, Barbara Hatch at

Nielsen-Henderson List

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Nielsen-Henderson List

We’re trying to shed some light on the Nielsen-Henderson List.

As men were being brought down from the prison camps in August 53, they were
housed in Kaesong awaiting their names to be called in freedom Village just
a few miles away. While there they got to know each other until their names
were called and freed.

As the story goes, our government was only calling for the known POWs, so
when their list was finished, they folded up tables & chairs and started
taking down the tent. Ex-pows started yelling out, “where’s Allen, Beardall,
Bell? Where’s Brennen, Culbertson, Dougherty, Gross & Guthrie? What about
Hamblin, Hawkins, Koontz, Martin, Miller, and Rountree? They were with us
in Kaesong. Why didn’t they get released?”

It was too late. Our government only requested the known POWs, so the rest
were loaded up and hauled north never to be heard from again.

We need help from your membership in identifying the other men left in


John Zimmerlee
Exec Dir, Korean & Cold War POW/MIA Network
Cell 770-565-4420
3342 Brickey Ln
Marietta GA 30068

Combat Pay (updated)

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Combat Pay (updated)

April 25, 2014
Murrieta California


The issue of Combat Pay for U.S. Army men who were Prisoners of War during the Korean War has been defeated. The Army initiated a statute in July, 1952, that established the rules for Combat Pay. The Korean War was raging for two years before this was done and made retroactive to May, 1950, which was before the war began. Many had become Prisoners of War on 5 July, 1950. This statute said that men captured would be paid for only 3 months of Combat Pay in the amount of $45.00 a month.

It was my desire to have a private bill introduced into Congress to address this injustice and thus benefit those Army men who were captured during that war. The cost of such an action is estimated to be nearly $20,000.

For Army men to qualify for Combat Pay they would have to be in actual Combat or in a designated Combat Zone, for a period of 6 days a month.

Men captured were in a Combat Zone in North Korea, 24-7 without let up and suffered great torture. Daily beatings were standard fare and for some this ended in death. Many froze to death. The death rate of Americans, who were Prisoners of War in North Korea, war the highest in history. 58% of the Tiger Survivors perished in North Korea.

I am sorry that this failed and I wish I had the magic wand to make it happen.

Shorty Estabrook
POW North Korea July 16, 1950-29 August

Korean War Tiger Survivor Documentary

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I am a documentary film maker in London, England, and am thinking of making a film for the BBC which would include the experiences of Tiger Survivors captured by the North Koreans in 1950. I wondered if your organisation could help by putting me in touch with any Tiger Survivors who are still alive. I would be happy to call, if you wish to give me a number and suggest a time.
With very best wishes
George Carey
+ 44 7778 153399

The Registry of the American Soldier

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The Registry of the American Soldier

If you or a loved one served in the US Army, please go to the website of the US Army National Museum and register them in the Registry of the American Soldier. This is a wonderful way to honor our soldiers.