Nielsen-Henderson List

We’re trying to shed some light on the Nielsen-Henderson List.

As men were being brought down from the prison camps in August 53, they were
housed in Kaesong awaiting their names to be called in freedom Village just
a few miles away. While there they got to know each other until their names
were called and freed.

As the story goes, our government was only calling for the known POWs, so
when their list was finished, they folded up tables & chairs and started
taking down the tent. Ex-pows started yelling out, “where’s Allen, Beardall,
Bell? Where’s Brennen, Culbertson, Dougherty, Gross & Guthrie? What about
Hamblin, Hawkins, Koontz, Martin, Miller, and Rountree? They were with us
in Kaesong. Why didn’t they get released?”

It was too late. Our government only requested the known POWs, so the rest
were loaded up and hauled north never to be heard from again.

We need help from your membership in identifying the other men left in


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