Korean War MIA Accounting lists

On the DPAA (Defense Prisoner of War/MIA Accounting Agency, they have lists of all accounted for and unaccounted for MIA from the Korean War. Visit the page.

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  1. Good Evening,
    The Johns Creek Veterans Association just opened the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk on 4 acres within Newtown Park, Johns Creek, GA. see http://www.facebook.com/johns.creek.vets
    see http://www.johnscreekga.gov/jcva
    One of the 10 Monuments along the walk is dedicated to the Korean War and was honored on 13 December by the visit and wreath laying by the Korean Minister for Patriotism and Veterans Affairs, Minister Park Sungchoon from Seoul, Korea.

    I see where the National Korean War Ex-POW Association was recently dissolved after their last meeting in 2014.

    I wish to honor those ex-POW’s from the State of Georgia by putting an engraved 4 x 8 paver for each Georgian ex-POW in our Korean Monument Plaza. The floor of this plaza has approx 250 pavers. Is there any way you can provide me a list of those ex-POW’s from Georgia? Ideally, I’d like their name and service branch. I will, of course, keep you appraised on the actual date when the pavers will be installed in case you wish to attend a ceremony for same.

    Should you need additional bone fides, please contact Bob McCubbins, President of the Korean War Veterans Association (General Raymond G. Davis Chapter at 770 565 8856 or at his email mccubbinsp@bellsouth.net OR You may also check with Deputy Consul General Ph.D. Bok-ryeol Rhyou at the Korean Consulate here in Atlanta at 404 522 1611 or on her email at brrhyou98@mofat.go.kr

    I hope to hear from you as this is a serious request. Thanking you for your time, I remain……
    Wayne E. Kidd, President
    Johns Creek Veterans Association
    Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk, Inc
    Park Place in Newtown Park
    3125 Old Alabama Rd
    Johns Creek, GA 30022
    770 667 5030
    home phone – 770 992 2493

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