Combat Pay (updated)

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Combat Pay (updated)

April 25, 2014
Murrieta California


The issue of Combat Pay for U.S. Army men who were Prisoners of War during the Korean War has been defeated. The Army initiated a statute in July, 1952, that established the rules for Combat Pay. The Korean War was raging for two years before this was done and made retroactive to May, 1950, which was before the war began. Many had become Prisoners of War on 5 July, 1950. This statute said that men captured would be paid for only 3 months of Combat Pay in the amount of $45.00 a month.

It was my desire to have a private bill introduced into Congress to address this injustice and thus benefit those Army men who were captured during that war. The cost of such an action is estimated to be nearly $20,000.

For Army men to qualify for Combat Pay they would have to be in actual Combat or in a designated Combat Zone, for a period of 6 days a month.

Men captured were in a Combat Zone in North Korea, 24-7 without let up and suffered great torture. Daily beatings were standard fare and for some this ended in death. Many froze to death. The death rate of Americans, who were Prisoners of War in North Korea, war the highest in history. 58% of the Tiger Survivors perished in North Korea.

I am sorry that this failed and I wish I had the magic wand to make it happen.

Shorty Estabrook
POW North Korea July 16, 1950-29 August

Korean War Tiger Survivor Documentary

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I am a documentary film maker in London, England, and am thinking of making a film for the BBC which would include the experiences of Tiger Survivors captured by the North Koreans in 1950. I wondered if your organisation could help by putting me in touch with any Tiger Survivors who are still alive. I would be happy to call, if you wish to give me a number and suggest a time.
With very best wishes
George Carey
+ 44 7778 153399

The Registry of the American Soldier

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The Registry of the American Soldier

If you or a loved one served in the US Army, please go to the website of the US Army National Museum and register them in the Registry of the American Soldier. This is a wonderful way to honor our soldiers.

Native American Veterans Survey

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I am a Cherokee Veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan war on terror, and currently a graduate student at Washington State University studying Community Counseling. I’m trying to get the word out to Native American Veterans to take a survey that is approved through WSU. The purpose of this survey is to assess the Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions regarding PTSD for Native American Veterans. This population of Veterans has had very few studies done regarding Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions toward PTSD. I am hoping as leaders of your organization that you would send out this survey to your members. Your members do not need to have been deployed or have PTSD to do the survey. The survey will provide us with valuable information that can impact the kinds of services Native American Veterans receive in the future, but only if we get enough participants for the academic community (including the VA) to take notice. Also, for the purposes of this survey Native American means anyone who identifies as being at least part Native Alaskan, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Native Guamanian, or Native Puerto Rican.

Survey link

Please consider filling this survey out, and passing it along to others (such as AVVA chapter members, Friends from the service, ect.). Thank you for your service, time, and consideration.


Matthew Hale

Combat Pay

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February 28, 2014: I just got a message from Senator Boxer’s office saying they had received favorable information from the Department of the Army and now they will go to the Armed Forces Committee. This is very good news indeed.

Also Jacob (Jake) Roth, who was with the Tigers in captivity, has been awarded not one but two Purple Hearts for wounds received while a Prisoner of War in North Korea. He was a PFC at the time and after Korea he stayed in the Army and rose to the Rank of Sergeant Major serving a tour in a combat unit in Viet Nam.

Shorty the Tiger