Cpl Glenace H Shaw

I am looking for information on my cousin Cpl Glenace Shaw. He was taken as a POW near the Yalu River. My Aunt was told that he was captured by the Chinese in December of 1950. He was last seen in a motor convoy shortly before his capture. Her first telegram stated he was MIA . On December 19, 1950, my aunt got word that her sons name was mentioned in a propaganda broadcast when he was listed as a POW. She then received a telegram from the Chinese that her son died in a prison camp. He apparently had taken ill, was tied to a tree and died. Date of death was listed as March 6,1951 however this was never confirmed by the US War Dept. I am hoping that someone may have known him and has any information about him and what happened to him.

Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you.

Hugh Shaw
USN Veteran, retired Fire Chief Luke AFB

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