Elgin Volgara Randall

My name is Michael Paul Randall. My great-uncle died there and that is all we know. His name was Elgin Volgara Randall, from Alabama. I do not know what unit he was with. I was just wondering if there might be anybody that knew him, maybe remembers him. He was my grandaddy’a little brother. Nobody in the family knows what happened to him. It would be nice to know that he had a friend or two at the end. i cannot imagine.
peace to you, and thanks for any insight that you might have,

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  1. Elgin Randall was in 24 Div, 24 Rgt, 3 Bn, HQ Co and was captured 7/12/1950. he was on Tiger march and died in Chungum in Aug 1951. Request debriefs of Charles Brantley, Charles Davidson, Leo Denton, Marvin Talbert, George Bingham, Wayne Johnson, Henry Arakaki, Gerard Brown, & John Nova from Army Casualty 800-892-2490. All of these men mentioned what happened to Randall.

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