Glacel Emmette Perry

POW name – Glacel Emmette Perry
POW place and date of capture (if known) – July 19, 1950 – August 26, 1953
Camp 3
Born – November 15, 1930 – WV – Barbour
Died – June 09, 2007 – Mt. Sterling OH.
34th Infantry Regiment – 24th Infantry Division

Your name – Shawn Perry II
Your email address –

I am the grandson of Glacel E Perry. I didn’t see my grandfather offten growing up. So there is a large hole that never got filled. I know he struggled with his memories and refused to talk about what had happened. Im just hoping you have any information maybe a picture? I don’t know if he attended any reunions. Thank you for your time and I will patiently await your response.

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