Johnson’s List

There is a complete listing of the entries that could be recovered from Johnson’s List at the DPAA website.


  1. Faith Tallon Wright

    Are there no more Tiger survivors? Have they all passed? My dad was Eugene Patrick Tallon and I just wanted to send a holiday card this year if any guys were still alive. I used to go to the reunions. Thank you

    • Korean War Ex-POW Association

      Faith, there are survivors still alive. I do not have all their addresses, though. We will be holding another reunion this July in St. Louis.

      • Faith Tallon Wright

        Well I’m so relieved to know that thank you. My mom is ill now so my connections to my parents are becoming more important

      • went to korea in 1958 looking for a close friend that he wasn’t found since, hardy johnson last know he lived in chicago

  2. Cora Hardy

    Are reunions still being held? I hope I haven’t missed my chance.

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