Joseph Spano

I sent this email in 2010 hoping to find out some information on my cousin Joseph Spano.  Below is information in my original email of the camps he was at. Any information on his unit or fellow soldiers would greatly be appreciated.

Dear Sir,

My cousin Joseph Spano died on December 22, 2001.He was born and raised and died in Tampa Florida.  He is listed in the Korean War Ex- Prisoners of War book written by a David Polk as a POW.  My cousin  never really talked much about his POW experience except once in awhile when he would say something and then would back off. The only document I have is a debriefing affidavit that was conducted in March of 1954 in Tampa Florida by a Captain Roger R Foeley at a Army Reserve Center.

In this affidavit he said he was captured May 19, 1951 by the Chinese but did not know exact place of capture. He goes on to say they marched him and other POW’S for about 3 weeks and came to a place they called Camp Pines during this time he could not see.  He says that he departed this camp sometime in July 1951 and marched again for about 3 weeks coming to a Camp they called Mining Camp. From this camp he went to Pak Tong Hospital where he was given medical treatment. He left around October of 1951 and was sent to camp 2 where he stayed until he was released August 28, 1953.

I looked on your website but Joe is not listed in camp 2.  If you or any other members have any information on him I would love to communicate with them.   I did communicate with one of your members back in 2001 who said that Joe may have been at the May Massacre that happen in 1951. I do know that he and only about 6 other guys survived the attack when he was captured everyone else was killed.  Joe was a BAR guy Browning Automatic Rifle. He might have been in Fox Company not sure.

I am a Deputy Sheriff and anyone can email me.  I miss Joe he took a lot of time with me to show me how to shoot guns and I will never forget him. He was VERY patriotic. I was born in 1952 and was given his name as my middle name.   I would appreciate any information you might have and thank you and the other POW Association for serving our great country.  Joe was able to speak Italian and Spanish if this might help.

Carlo Joseph Spano


  1. Korean War Ex-POW Association

    Webmaster note: We show Joseph Spano as being in Camp 1.

  2. Jim Dale

    Please contact me I’d like to talk about my Uncle Joe. My mom Frances was his sister. I think I have met you.

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