Native American Veterans Survey

I am a Cherokee Veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan war on terror, and currently a graduate student at Washington State University studying Community Counseling. I’m trying to get the word out to Native American Veterans to take a survey that is approved through WSU. The purpose of this survey is to assess the Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions regarding PTSD for Native American Veterans. This population of Veterans has had very few studies done regarding Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions toward PTSD. I am hoping as leaders of your organization that you would send out this survey to your members. Your members do not need to have been deployed or have PTSD to do the survey. The survey will provide us with valuable information that can impact the kinds of services Native American Veterans receive in the future, but only if we get enough participants for the academic community (including the VA) to take notice. Also, for the purposes of this survey Native American means anyone who identifies as being at least part Native Alaskan, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Native Guamanian, or Native Puerto Rican.

Survey link

Please consider filling this survey out, and passing it along to others (such as AVVA chapter members, Friends from the service, ect.). Thank you for your service, time, and consideration.


Matthew Hale

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