Rodney Cloutman

My Uncle was a POW in camp 1

He was captured Nov 26th 1950 when K co. 3rd Bn 9th reg of the 2nd ID  was overrun during the Chongchon battle.

His name was Rodney Cloutman and he was a Captain at the time…I was told by another POW that my uncle was the company XO.

I would like to learn more about my uncles capture….is there anyone out there who can assist me…

Thank you for your service to our country…

Francis J. Robichaud

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  1. John Ladd

    Is he the same in this article I found in France. One American Sergeant captures 1,841 prisoners. The scene took place on August 20, 1944, on the edge of Gouffern Forest near Sainte-Eugenue. A German motor cyclist came upon the American lines. He informed Sergeant Rodney Cloutman, of the 90th Infantry Division, that his commander wanted to surrender. Cloutman went back with him to a camp with a very large number of German solders between 1,500 and 1,841 depending on the source. The Sergeant assembled them and escorted them single handedly to the Canadian lines. He was promoted to Lieutenant. After WWII he served in Korea where he died in Captivity in 1950.

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