Roger McCabe

POW place and date of capture (if known)  18 May 1951
POW Camp(s) (if known)
Any relevant information about the person in question   Released on 12 August 1953

Your name   Jonathan Bajek
Your email address

I am researching because I found out recently that my Father was named Roger McCabe.  The date of birth on the following website is his exact birthdate.  I am looking for more information about him.  He was from New Jersey but I was not aware that he was from Atlantic County although he may have lived there for a time.
I am just trying to determine if this is the same person.
Thank you for any information you can provide.  And if you have access to records that indicate another Roger McCabe with that birthday.
Jon Bajek

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  1. JoAnn Campbell

    What was his birth date?

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