Sergeant First Class Deward E. Quarles

My father Deward e quarles (see below) was a POW in Korea. Maybe there are photos or records of his stay. I would be happy if they can help me.

Sergeant First Class Deward E. Quarles, 9th inf. regt. 2nd Inf Div. (he was born on 29 June 1919), United States Army, which held as a Prisoner of War after he captured what falling on the Korean War on 1 December 1950 and which held until his release on 4 September 1953 after the signing of the Armistice.

the residence of my father was probably in the POW camp Pyoktong bearing 2, 5 or 7

my name is eduard fuerst, my e-mail address is eduard.fuerst @

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  1. Ken Donner

    Hello.. My name is Ken Donner, I am writing for my friends father.. His name is James R Hayden, this last week he finally received his POW Medal and his Korean War Medal… plus was awarded a Silver Star that was sent to his Mother but she didn’t give it to him.. in fact he didn’t know about it until him Mom Passed away and he found the citation.. but his older sister had the medal.. When the MG heard this story he got a Silver Star Medal for him the same day. Anyway.. today I gave him a list of all the POW’s in camp 5 and ask him to check the names of people he knew.. he checked your fathers name… If you wish to speak with him I am sure he would be willing.. Because of his hearing I would need to be there.. so we can arrange it thru a phone call… email be back and we can set that up..
    Ken Donner

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